• Julius 3 years ago

    Hey Jaan!
    Have you ever tried using the IX-Nikkor lenses with the Metabones Speedbooster on the Blackmagic Pocket? I wonder whether it would be possible.
    Would the rear mounts of these lenses crash into the glass of the Speed Booster?

    • Jaan Shenberger Jaan Shenberger 3 years ago

      Hi Julius. Though I haven’t ever tried to use a Nikon IX lens with a Speedbooster adapter, my gut instinct is that the lens’ protrusion would indeed hit the Speedbooster’s optical elements — so it probably wouldn’t work 🙁
      But again, I haven’t actually tried. Here’s a photo from the article showing just how far the lens protrudes, if this helps: http://maketimemove.com/_images/mtm_nikon_ix_protrude.jpg

      Thanks for asking Julius!

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